Clarion Fine Jewelry—A Call to Excellence

Rami Kanazeh

Rami Kanazeh, co-owner of Clarion Fine Jewelry

Clarion Fine Jewelry, located in Fairfax, Virginia, offers spectacular, expertly crafted jewelry, tooled and assembled by hand. Founded in 2007, Clarion’s uncompromising attention to quality and detail sets its standard higher than conventional stores, and has earned the company a reputation for excellence. Clarion’s jewelry masterpieces are fashioned from the finest raw materials, and developed by a collaborative team of designers, gem setters, precious metalsmiths and expert jewelers. Since its inception, a passion for excellence has imbued the creations of Clarion Fine Jewelry.

Company Founders

Rami Kanazeh, co-owner of Clarion Fine Jewelry, specializes in the precise art and science of setting stones. Trained in Haifa, Israel, Rami apprenticed under the master stone setter Rani Matar at the renowned Haifa jewelers Modigliani. Under Matar’s close supervision, Rami honed his abilities, studying the classic Swiss style of stone setting—recognized for its extreme precision. With over 15 years of experience, he upholds a family tradition for flawless workmanship, continuing as a second-generation stone setter. Rami’s mastery and attention to each minute detail ensures that your jewelry is beautiful and enduring.

Young Choo’s expertise is in the fine art of metalsmithing. He specializes in the complex fabrication of platinum. A co-owner of Clarion Fine Jewelry, Young began training as a jeweler in the mid 1990s when he emigrated from South Korea. Accruing more than 15 years of innovative jewelry design, he is recognized for beautifully sculptured designs, intricate hand-engraving and impeccable detailing.

Young Choo, co-owner of Clarion Fine Jewelry

Responsible Practices

Clarion Fine Jewelry strictly adheres to a code of responsible practices. We do not purchase gems from countries under sanction for human rights violations. Most of our diamonds are certified through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where they are assessed, and confirmed not to be “blood diamonds.” (In 2003, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme took effect which is aimed at removing undocumented rough diamonds from the marketplace. This standard established world governments, human rights groups, the United Nations and industry organizations such as GIA, endeavors to eliminate the funding of armed conflicts through the smuggling and sales of “blood diamonds.”)

Clarion also supports green practices, purchasing from SCS-certified, eco-friendly refiners and manufacturers of precious metals. (The Scientific Certification System (SCS) is a globally recognized, independent third-party certifier of eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable operations in a wide range of businesses, now including the jewelry industry.)