Brilliant Handmade Jewelry

Young Choo, co-owner and master platinum and metalsmither.

Young Choo, co-owner and master platinum and metalsmither.

We are proud to offer personalized service, and invite you to contact Clarion Fine Jewelry for a meeting with our experts to review your design ideas. Whether you are redesigning a family heirloom, creating an engagement ring, or designing original jewelry, our team will help to realize your dreams.

After our initial consultation, Clarion’s designers will develop your concepts further, intertwining the best of style with innovative techniques. Digital illustrations are used to produce detailed three-dimensional models of the design—where functionality and form are carefully reviewed to achieve the finest outcome. Our specialists consider many details of your handmade jewelry, including precious metals, surface treatments, gem cuts and stone setting. We will assist you in selecting the right stones, or you may bring gems to incorporate in your new creation. Our passion for excellence and attention to the smallest detail enable us to transform your idea into a signature jewel piece.

Engaging Designs

For couples embarking on the great adventure called marriage, selecting a ring takes on additional dimensions. It is not only an exquisite piece of jewelry, it is a symbol of shared love. Contact us to discuss the perfect ring for you, and to view Clarion’s wide range of jewelry styles and settings.  Clarion Fine Jewelry offers quality diamonds, and will help you find the right stone to suit your style needs and budget. Our team of experts will assist with the fabrication of your dream ring, personalization of an heirloom piece, or sizing an engagement ring and wedding bands. We provide comprehensive appraisals to ensure that your investment is protected.

Fine Jewelry Collections

Clarion Fine Jewelry also offers well crafted, beautifully designed jewelry at manufacturer’s prices. Our collections of diamond and gem rings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets and watches make it quick and easy to find a special gift to honor a person or commemorate an occasion. These jewelry designs have been carefully produced, and are available more readily than original handmade pieces, since resizing may be the only additional work required. Review our collections online, and schedule a personal appointment to view and try on your jewelry selections.

Gold and Precious Metals

Clarion Fine Jewelry buys and trades gold and precious metals. The value of these precious metals change frequently, so it is important to speak with us for accurate and current information. Please contact Clarion to speak to one of our professional consultants for additional details and prices.

Rami Kanazeh, co-owner and expert gem setter.

Rami Kanazeh, co-owner and expert gem setter.

Additional Services

  • Ring Sizing
  • Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing
  • Stone Cleaning and Tightening
  • Jewelry Repair
  • Appraisals
  • Watch Repair
  • Watch Battery Replacement

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